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The Documentary

Panos Karan is a young concert pianist, who decides to leave behind the standard life of the performer and the glamorous concert halls of Europe and embark on a 5,000 mile musical journey across the Amazon River, together with his best companion: the piano. His vision is to share the power and beauty of classical music with remote communities along the Amazon basin. From Coca, Ecuador to Belem, Brazil, Panos aspires to play piano recitals for villages and indigenous communities: 88 concerts in 88 different symbolic locations along the river; one for each key of the piano.

How will the locals respond to his vision? Will Karan be seen simply as an ambitious missionary of classical music, or will he be accepted by the communities as an enthusiastic dreamer who wishes to build cultural bridges?

The Idea

The idea for this project came from the desire to share the empowering effects of music with people that never had a chance to listen to our music before, who at the same time have no preconceptions about it. Our generation of musicians has reached unprecedented refinement and virtuosity in musical performance, having been taught in specialist schools and conservatoires, by specialist professors, with the aim to share this music in specialist concert halls for specialist audiences. We know however that music and its benefits belong (or should belong) to everyone, not just professionals and specialists.

A Bach Prelude and Fugue or a Rachmaninov Piano Concerto belongs to the Amazon Rainforest as much as to the glamorous stage of Carnegie Hall. Somewhere along those lines the idea emerged to travel as far as it takes to find people that are not infected by the travesty that our classical music can only speak to a specialist few.
Can music change the world? We believe it can.

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The Protagonist

Panos Karan originally comes from Greece and has made London his home the last 11 years. He received his musical education at the Royal Academy of Music (BMus and MMus). He has performed in South Bank Centre, St. Petersburg Hermitage Theatre, Valencia Palau de la Musica, Athens Megaron Recital Hall and of course Carnegie Hall (three times), as well as other smaller venues. In 2007 he played the complete cycle of Beethoven Piano Concerti and he recently recorded Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 3.

He speaks Greek, English, Spanish, German and Russian and he is learning Mandarin. He dances Argentine tango and is passionate about Ashtanga Yoga. He deeply cares about music and cannot imagine a world without it. He is convinced that this music can make the world a better place, and he is determined to go out there and be part of this process. n September 2010 Panos founded the non- profit organization Keys of Change with the aim of sharing classical music and its benefits with the most remote areas of our planet.

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The Journey

The Amazon rainforest has been a place of mythical voyages of all kind of adventurers. Inspired missionaries spreading Jesus words into animistic tribes, ethnobotanalogists discovering unknown flaura species, afro-American slaves looking for a place to be free, anthropologists observing primitive social structures, international corporations looking for petrol and rubber. Our ambitious journey is related with the Amazon basin as well: the piano has 88 keys, as many as the villages Panos is going to visit in the rainforest, as many as the concerts he is going to give. 88 concerts, in 88 remote villages, 88 Keys of Change. The Journey starts from Coca to Ecuador and ends in Belem Brazil. It is a 4.700 km journey, passing through some of the most isolated places in the world.

The journey will be accomplished in three stages:

Stage One: March 2011 – from Coca, Ecuador to Iquitos, Peru 900 km

Stage Two: November 2011 – from Iquitos, Peru to Manaus, Brazil 2100 km

Stage Three: March 2012 – from Manaus, Brazil to Belem, Brazil 1700 km

From Coca, Ecuador to Belem, Brazil, by way of Iquitos (Peru) and Manaus (Brazil) is the route Keys of Change will follow in three stages

Production Info

PRODUCTION STATUS – as of September 2011

The documentary AMAZON 88 is already in Production. The first stage of the journey was fulfilled last year between February and March 2011 with great success. The crew of Keys of Change and the cinematographers travelled almost 1.000 km heading from Coca Ecuador to Iquitos Peru, on a small wooden canoe. In November 2011 the second expedition will take place and for more that one month, Panos and the crew will wonder around the Amazon Rainforest. Concerts will be organized in every visited village as well as educational workshop for children. Still there s a great way to go, but the team is at its best spirit and looks forward to the next two stages of the journey.


Title: “AMAZON88”
Duration: 52min plus 4 x 25min
Format: HD, 16/9
Original Languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Brazilian & Quechua
Production Companies: TORNOS Production Ltd., SaveFrag Productions & Filmiki Productions S.A.


Producers: Dafni Kalafati, Nikolas Alavanos & Panos Adamopoulos
Director: The Core
Director of Photography: Manu Tilinski
Editor: Kyriakos Stylianopoulos
Sound Engineer: Alex Mouratoglou

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